Available soon: Bluetooth Mesh lighting modules

Make your luminars smart

In the past 10 years the lighting industry completely switched over to LED light sources. The next revolution in lighting is to make the luminars smart. By smart we do not only mean to make them controllable from all over the world and via any device but also to make them interact with their environment.

Until now lights were only there to provice light. It's however clear that luminars are ideal sensor devices because they are abundantly present in every building. Older protocols such as proprietary mesh systems, DALI, Zigbee Light Link, Z-Wave, ... are not capable of effective sensor information gathering. Bluetooth 5 Mesh however is the first standard which enables light systems to become the hart of any smart building system.

Custom LED driver design

Modules are easy to use, but that's about it. You cannot change their chape, they are very expensive and you don't have your own branded user interface. DPTechnics custom Bluetooth Mesh lighting solution fixes these issues by integrating the Bluetooth Mesh onto your luminar circuit board. We can design drivers, wireless communication, sensor devices, ... and integrate them seamlessly into the Bluetooth Mesh.

Sensor networks and fusion

When your luminars become truly smart and are equipped with sensors of your choice they become the heart of a smart home. Any Bluetooth Mesh light can talk to each other and other Bluetooth mesh devices such as smart door locks, thermostats, wall switches,...

Control anytime, anywhere

When you add a Bluetooth Mesh gateway to your smart luminar the possibilities become endless. Through any smartphone or other HTML5 enabled device you can control your lighting fixtures and read all their sensor values. It's even possible to go one step further and integrate the lights with the smart home system. For example to turn the lights on in red color when one of the lighting fixtures detects smoke.

Future proof

Bluetooth Mesh is changing the building automation and lighting world. By choosing a Bluetooth Mesh solution based on a custom DPTechnics design you are sure to deliver the best, most interoperable, product to your customers. Together with the open BlueCherry IoT cloud and the Bluetooth Mesh gateway you can offer a complete Bluetooth Mesh ecosystem.