Article: Why Internet-of-Things?


Everyone is familiar with surfing the internet. With your computer you can read information that is offered on another computer anywhere in the world. In the same way, you can also send information to another computer. The conditions to be able to do this is that both computers are connected to one another and that they can find and understand each other through a protocol. There is no doubt that these conditions, the internet, are well met.

Today, very small, powerful computers can be built into, or added to, devices and installations. All that remains to be done is to connect the sensors and actuators of a device with its the built-in miniature computer and one has the basis for the internet of things. Through the Internet, you can now browse to the built-in computer of the device or installation and set it up and control it remotely. The IoT connected devices can also send you information about their status and warn you when the value of certain of their parameters is exceeded.

The internet of things thus offers infinite possibilities for both the end user and the manufacturer. Making devices IoT connective enables the creation new user patterns, new services and functionalities. Through a device new services such as remote supervising of the good functionning and remote maintenance and help desk can be offered to the end user. For fast and cost effective intervention a remote analisys of a malfunctioning can be made. Devices can warn the service provider of an upcoming failure so that it can be avoided by timely maintenance. Thus, IoT can greatly increase customer satisfaction.

The impact of IoT in combination with new technologies like LoRa and BLE-Mesh is hard to overestimate. Please feel free to contact us.