1-2-3 Product Design

We create your next generation product

The 1-2-3 product design formula enables companies of every size to create and produce their own products. We combine all needed expertise into a single offer. No more hassle with integrating different suppliers and complex cost calculations.

Hardware, software or both?

Designing a new product or adapting an existing product to be IoT ready is not an easy task. It typically involves custom electronics design and software development. When creating a new product it also involves housing design, peripheral selection, packaging, ... The 1-2-3 product design formula integrates all skillsets needed to complete the development cycle of the new product and go into mass production. Fit for both SME

Collaboration and open software

When designing a new product we do this completely open source to our customers. We have a special collaboration platform onto which our engineers push code. This means you can follow up the development state every second. In the 1-2-3 product design formula you get access to all our embedded libraries which really speeds up the development process.

Business plan possibilities

Creating a new smart product is only part of the story. Because these new products are connected a whole new range of business strategies become possible. In many cases it opens up a possibility to not only sell products but also to offer services. When you are part of a 1-2-3 product design program you can take advantage of our IoT experience and expand your business plan.

Increase customer satisfaction

As more and more customers own a smartphone and get familiar with connected products they expect the same from your product. With the 1-2-3 product design formula this becomes possible for any company. In many cases it's not even needed to design a whole new product, but only to adapt your existing design to be IoT-connected.

Interconnectivity lowers operational cost and creates an independant business

By creating a product of your own you no longer depend on suppliers and their business decisions. Through their mobile device your customers will be continuously reminded of your brand. Companies who already focus on services can almost always lower their operational service costs by switching to an IoT solution. Contact DPTechnics today to discover what smart products can do for your business.

How does it work?

The first step is all about determining the desired functions of the device. In the first few meetings our engineers wil listen very carefully to your needs and we will create a project study. This document contains a complete description of the end result and how it will be built. This way you know exactly what you can expect on the end of the 1-2-3 product design program.

As soon as the project is confirmed our engineers will start the development of your new product. You will be able the follow the development through our DPTechnics collaboration platform. The complete project will be devided into small iterative chunks. When all project goals and are completed your new project is ready for testing and commercialisation. Even after completion of the project development process, the DPTechnics engineers will give you all the needed support.