Project management, helping hands, information

Even when you have a great software team and a top-noch hardware developer it's always an asset to take advantage of an external expert to get things just right. We at DPTechnics have years of experience with developing embedded hardware, intuitive user interfaces and scaling up cloud platforms. Through our consulting program you can take advantage of our knowledge and take your project to the next level.

Always up-to-date

All our consultants are technology enthusiasts and keep track of all changes in the Internet-of-Things world. We will therefore always be able to assist you with the latest technology or advise to use it in your next generation product.

Technology and research

We work closely together with many Belgian universities to develop new techniques. This means that by working with us you get access to these research results and you implement them into your project. We are for example leading contributer to LoRa research in Belgium.

Videoconferencing or expert on site

Our experts can help you out remotely in one of our video conferencing rooms or directly on-site. In many cases small consulting tasks don't require an expert on scene. In these cases is often more cost efficiënt to set up a video meeting to discuss the project. But as nothing can beat face-to-face contact for larger projects, we are more than happy to send an expert right to your project.

Advise exactly where you need it

Our consultants can assist in a project right from the design phase. Having a second opinion when taking key design descisions is always a good idea. This off course doesn't rule out the possibility for us to step into a project in the implementation phase or even testing phase. You can for example use our knowledge to get your end product CE or FCC certified.

Why hire a DPTechnics expert?

Our mission is to make software and hardware easy to use for both professionals and end customers. When we take part of a project in a consultant role we will do anything we can to make the project succeed.

To us this means we will use your experience in hardware, software and IoT project development to advise you in making the right choices for your project. This advice is not limited to written reports but it can go as far as implementing software or creating the right hardware.

Used and trusted by our valued customers