Software development

Software, from embedded to frontend

Internet-of-Things devices contain many different kinds of software. There is the need for embedded software which controls the interaction with the physical world and intuitive HTML5 software for user interaction. In some cases there is also the need for scalable cloud software. DPTechnics brought programmers with different skillsets together and is thus able to offer excellent support for any IoT-software related challenge.

New techniques, new languages, ...

Everybody notices how fast hardware is changing. Not often noticed is that software needs to evolve even quicker to keep up with customer expectations. Speech recognition, modern UI design, artificial intelligence, app-less HTML5 interfaces, ... our engineers are constantly learning and experimenting with new techniques to be able to offer state-of-the-art solutions.

Microchips or scalable cloud

We can program both the firmware on small microcontrollers up to the software needed to operate large and scalable cloud infrastructure. This unique combination of skillsets creates the ideal environment to create the software that controls the next generation of products.

Solid open base to start with

Many smart devices share some needs such as a webserver, email and SMS functionality, ... We developed embedded libraries and solid service API's to provide all these options. This solid base is open for our customers and this gives you a head start and lowers development costs.

Completely custom architecture

Every software project has different needs and specifications. At DPTechnics we believe in the power of custom designs based on the power of open and standard techniques and protocols. Every software project we deliver is tailormade for it's purpose, giving you the best possible performance and ease of use.

Our software filosophy.

Software projects are probably one of the hardest to manage. The only visible outcome is a working object or an attractive user interface. To get grip on projects our engineers and projects managers use the agile software development techniques of the scrum methodology.

By using scrum we split a software product into small parts which are easy to manage and evaluate. Through our collaboration platform you can follow up on the progress on a day to day basis. It also gives the end customer the opportunity to change targets and goals throughout the project.