Article: IoT for our customers

The Internet of Things is being announced as a huge technological innovation whose impact can hardly be overestimated. IoT is developing at an unimaginable rate. Rapid and thoughtful decision is therefore necessary; not deciding and waiting can be catastrophic. Companies need to investigate what IoT can do for them so they can customize their business model and develop the new services or products needed for it.

Developing new products or services based on a technology that one is not familliar with, can be a troublesome and difficult process, especially if it appears that multiple partners will be needed. A new product usually requires the development of a new printed circuit board for which a partner with in-depth knowledge of electronics and hardware design is required. For the new product, new software must be written for which a partner with knowledge of embedded programming is required. Finally, a choise must be made between numerous IoT platforms, each one with its own architecture, specifications, advantages and limitations. For most companies it's impossible to find and match these three ideal partners, and they need to consult a system integrator to plan and coordinate their project.

DPTechnics develops both hardware and software, also embedded software and has its own GDPR compliant IoT platform, DPTechnics is able to plan, develop and produce a complete IoT project as a single partner. Due to their choice for DPTechnics, our customers significantly reduced the TTM of their project. They did not have to worry about different techniques, methods, formats, programs, applications and technologies that were developed and combined. They had a clear view of the final result and the associated cost.

For some of our customers and prospects, the small scale of our company was a threshold to choose for us. Large-scale companies providing IoT technology and services seem to offer more certainty, but at the same time require technical irreversible choices equivalent to vendor lock-in. DPTechnics develops all projects fully open source for the client. Our customers always receive all source codes and all hardware designs. Furthermore, the use of the platform does not imply any restriction.