Step into the Internet-of-Things, launch quickly and increase customer satisfaction.

Your customers expect their products to be easy-to-use, reliable and more then ever before they expect them to be connected.

We at DPTechnics have the expertise to develop and produce your next generation products from hardware to software and industrial design. Transforming ideas into products for the SME and multinational is what we are great at.

Connected products are here, today

In todays world of smartphones and social media your customers expect their products to work seamlessly with the new IoT technology. This may seem a hard problem to solve, but we at DPTechnics make it easy for you to provide what your customer wants.

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Control your product from truly any device you want.

No more hassle with native app's to install and maintain for different mobile operating systems. We utilize the power of HTML5 to offer immersive interfaces on any modern web-enabled device. From smartphones to tablets, from laptops to smart tv.

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Privacy & security through continuous updates

DPTechnics has the technology to keep your IoT devices secure and up-to-date. Our systems are ready for the upcoming GDPR legislation and security demands of the modern internet.

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Offer customer service everywhere, any time.

IoT products are a gamechanger for your business. Offer personalised custmers service anywhere in the world right from the comfort of your office. Our experienced interface designers make it easy as pie.

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Enjoy a whole new set of options

By using our '1-2-3 product design' option a custom devices is now affordable for any company, even the smaller SME. Create your own brand and make the device your custmers always wanted.

In-house hardware, software and industrial design

Typically you need many partners to create an IoT product. DPTechnics has all the experts under one roof, one partner for all your needs. This gives us an unprecedented flexibility and speeds up the development cycle.

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Agile and open development

Many of our embedded and GUI libraries are open to our customers. We have a special collaboration platform onto which our custmers can follow up on the projects on a day to day basis. By having it all under one roof we can deliver fast results.

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From SME to multinational, we grow with you

Small series from only 25 pieces a year up to tens of thousands devices, we do it all at a correct and fair pricepoint. Yes, we make it our mission to open up the world of product development to any company.

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Designed in Europe, built in Europe

All our designers and engineers are based in Europe. All production happens right here in Europe to ensure the highest quality and confidentiality standards.

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One step further than implementation

Building the hardware and software for your next internet connected product is just part of the work. We make your development efforts a success story be creating the right product and thing along to create the best possible business model.

IoT product development

Why DPTechnics?

Broadband internet is currently being used by billions of people to communicate with each other. The Internet-of-Things means that the next generation of products is going to use this same internet infrastructure to become a lot smarter. What was once a thing of the distant future now becomes possible.

DPTechnics has years of expertise with creating these next generation of smart devices. We have bundled all expertise and skills to build these products in our '1-2-3 product design' program. This allows any company to offer their customers future-proof products at an unbeatable price and quality.

"I always had a passion for hardware and software. Internet-of-Things technology combines both and that's exactly why it's so powerful. By enabling all companies to enhance their products with IoT connectivity we accelerate their growth."

Daan Pape, Founder

Used and trusted by our valued customers