Digital CAN-bus module

Industrial Input/Output

The DPTechnics DPT-Module-v1 is a compact System-on-Module which is perfect to create smart IoT products. The base of the system is the ever so popular and robust Atheros Qualcomm AR9331 System-on-Chip and 64MiB DDR2 Hynix RAM memory. Together with 16MiB of Winbond flash storage this small (27.5mm x 52mm) Linux computer can run any IoT application it is presented with.

The module comes with the open source DPT-Board OS pre-installed, but you can off course have your own software stack installed in it right from the factory. The module has a built in WiFi transceiver and antenna which is factory calibrated and tuned. This ensures the same reliable WiFi connectivity every single time.

Independant I/O

The module has 16 inputs and 16 outputs. Every input channel is optically isolated and completely independant of each other. Every output is a relay with a normally open, normally closed and common contact. The outputs can operate with a voltage of 24VDC or 75VAC maximum.

ARM Cortex-M0 processor

The module has an internal ARM Cortex-M0 processor which runs at 48MHz. CAN-bus messages are processed quickly and there is room for custom application code if required. The device can for example react to messages from a temperature or analog module.

Industrial use

The module is tested and CE certified for both home and industrial use. You can thus use it in industrial applications without having to worry about interference. The power supply voltage is between 12V and 24V, common for industrial use.

DIN-rail mount

The module comes in a standard DIN-rail housing. The housing can be stickered according to your specifications. There are many different therminal blocks possbile such as IDC, clamp and with screw.