Hardware development

Hardware, the beating heart of any smart product

Hardware development was once a very expensive undertaking and electronic products were only for the happy few. Today electronic and computing technologies are abundant. DPTechnics has more than 15 years of experience in hardware design. With a focus on digital and high-speed design, our engineers are ready to tackle your next hardware project.

What can we do for you?

DPTechnics has many years of experience in the design of electronic circuits. We have experience with both analog and digital circuit design. We can design a complete circuit board for your project or assist your in-house engineers to complete their circuit board. Throug the years of experience we can offer great prototyping production at affordable prices and with the newest techniques.

Building a prototype of the printed circuit board is only the first step in the design proces. To scale up your design you need to take into account all requirements for mass production. We can review your prototypes and help you getting the mass production just right. EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) design can be hard to grisp, our engineers make it understandible to you.

New technologies at your fingertips

We continuously improve our electronics knowledge. The fast evolving semiconductor market means it's absolutely essential that we keep updating our skillset. We work closely together with many leading universities to create the technology of tomorrow.

From first prototype to mass production

Affordable small prototype production, even with multilayer PCB's and high density BGA chips are possible. Not only can we provide the prototyping service for you, but we also offer medium and large series production.

Global supplier connections

We have connections with component suppliers and semiconductor companies all over the world. By utilizing this network we're able to select just the right components for the job.

CE & FCC certification

EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) is very important if you want to get your design on the market. We can help you get your products CE and FCC certified. In case a product would fail compliancy tests our engineers can assist you in tracking and solving the problem.